When you’re planning a grand wedding cocktail party, you are tempted to throw the Book of Rules outside the window. Why do it casually when you can hold a big bash?! Why to go for a basic dinner party, when you can hold an amazing cocktail wedding reception?! But The only problem with throwing the stereotypical party idea out is that you have to be super creative to balance out innovation and pocket permissibility.

Lots of couples are preferring cocktail parties every year, rather than holding the basic reception dinner and dance. If you want your wedding reception to be the best and most memorable one, a happening cocktail party would make that happen perfectly. A cocktail party can be as simple or complex as you wish to make it. But to organise the best cocktail party means investing lots of time, energy and money in it. Many factors need proper consideration for wise planning and execution.

Important things to consider before hosting a cocktail party!

There are a few things you should manage yourself to begin planning a party. This would make your cocktail party the most exceptional and memorable.

  • Let your guests know about the party beforehand — A very important thing is to specify to your guests before the party and let them know what they can expect in the party! You can explain if it’s only a cocktail party with the wedding cake or is dinner included too, or is it finger food or snack party along with the cocktails. You should also specify if it is for adults only, or whether kids are welcome too.
  • Be sure the venue is suitable — Not all places are suitable for all kinds of parties. If it is a cocktail party, you would require a suitable venue for the same where people can relax and enjoy their drink in an alluring ambiance.
  • Only drinks aren’t enough — For any kind of party, just food and drinks aren’t enough. You need to keep some entertainment factor included too. You can call for live band or plan a DJ table or just a dancing area with lots of music. Some couple games would also liven up the party spirit.
  • Photo booth is also engaging — Planning something engaging for your guests is needed – something that is Instagram worthy – something that would add pizzazz to the Social Media posts. You can call for Wedding photo booth hire in London from Occasions Photo Booth who offer the best and most engaging photo booths for hire for your party. This would keep your guests busy having fun amidst the cocktail party. They can pout and pose along with you to create happy memories.
  • Let your party timing be known — Your cocktail party need not follow the rules of traditional wedding parties. It can start at any time! You may consider a regular party for the elderly and the kids, and follow that up with the cocktail bash from around midnight and can continue it till the wee hours of the morning.
  • Keep a dress code — Your wedding cocktail party can be more fun and exciting if it is theme based. You can create more fun in your party if you fix a certain theme like fairytale theme or super hero theme. Make sure to let your guests know about it beforehand.
  • Remember the budget may go haywire — When a cocktail party starts, the drinks are unstoppable! The payable for the drinks obviously keeps on increasing consequently, and therefore the budget may increase too. Be sure to be ready for it, and also keep the stocks of the drinks in surplus.
  • Prefer buffet set up —The most preferred dining set up for a cocktail party is an elegant buffet. This would give you and your guests the freedom to have food and enjoy everything at their own preferred time, pace and way. Choose a menu that can be easily handled and does not require a proper sit-down set-up.
  • Incorporate regional and seasonal flavours — Whether it is a drink or specific cuisine — It always looks enticing if it is available in a good variety. For spicing up the party better, mix your regional and seasonal fares in food and drink to give your party an exotic feel. A very good cocktail party isn’t just a party limited to hard drinks. There can be so many things to consider like decoration, venue, the fun factor, etc. If it’s your wedding reception is in the form of a cocktail event, this has to be as rocking as your romance and as spirited as the drinks.

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