Once upon a time, white was the only acceptable color for the gown worn by a bride. However, the day a woman says her vows should be a time when her true spirit is on display. Some individuals opt for designs that are daring in the way they are cut. Others sprinkle a little color into their nuptial wardrobes. A few truly fashion forward ladies take their styles a step further and choose Camo wedding dresses. Women choose camouflage designs for numerous reasons. Some have friends or loved ones in the military or have served in it themselves. Many are sports aficionados or in relationships with hunters. A number of girls just like the spunky, trend setting look offered by this print. No matter why they choose this pattern, those who wear it want their looks to be stylish.

Casual camouflage garb for women has become increasingly available. However, designs and materials suited for more formal looks has been hard to find. Now, though, more and more manufacturers are producing fabrics and gowns which incorporate the concealment pattern. Women who want to make the print part of their nuptials discover lots of options. Still, as with planning more conventional wardrobes, there are several considerations which must be taken into account. Women looking for Camo wedding dresses should be aware that the print comes in more than just one configuration. Some patterns are grey based while others utilize hues of green. White can be a dominant part of the design or it can be used sparingly. Mixing different palettes may lose the overall focus of the theme. Still, done with a careful eye, combining dissimilar colors can be effective.

Brides also need to decide how much of this look they want to use in their gowns. Choosing to insert a panel of the print into the skirt of the garment is one option. Patterned bodices provide another way to work the design into frocks. Trains and the borders of veils also provide places to weave the image into the nuptial clothes. Sometimes women wear apparel with touches of camouflage and their attendants are fully garbed in the print. Fabrics used in camouflage gowns reflect the glamor of the occasion. Brides are not restricted to rough, lesser grade fibers. The print is found on a wide range of high quality satins. Many of them are embossed. Some also have beading and embroidery. Designers incorporate these materials into myriad sophisticated frocks.

The venue where the event will be taking place should also be considered when considering camouflage gowns. This look produces stunning ensembles which should be shown off to their best advantage. Brides would be wise to consult with the person photographing the nuptials when choosing their attire. Take care to select settings that will not inadvertently hide the beauty of the print. Modern brides want outfits that make statements about their personalities. They do not want cookie cutter looks. The designs and fabrics chosen for nuptial ensembles are the signatures of the couple. Camo wedding dresses allow fashion forward women to set themselves apart from the crowd.

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