When Waterstrider released the “Constellation” single back in April, it was obvious that something special was bubbling up. Now more than three months later their debut is finally here and Constellation was worth waiting for. Download it on bandcamp for whatever you like.

Santa Barbara native Nate Salman heads up the Berkeley group with a set of pipes that could turn the most stale old sap into a puddle. Salman’s songs are exhaustively soulful; He pushes his voice to the point of depletion. Like a young Jeff Buckley, or even fellow Cali crooner J. Irvin Dally, Salman has great command over his slick tenor. Falsetto verses pour over crisp guitar melodies that flit across proggy jungle rhythms, and Constellation manages to channel passionate, vigorous youth without sacrificing technical dexterity.

The set of songs here is irresistable. In addition to “Constellation,” the EP features the pulsing “Let Them Stare” and the amorous nighttime jaunt “Midnight Moon,” a sure standout. There’s also a unique conclusion — a translucent half-time reprise of the title track. We hope this is the beginning of a long journey for Waterstrider. They’re scheduling dates now — to beg them to come to your town, navigate over to Facebook.

By Merri

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