Useful, shocking, stunning and fun facts: this articles looks at weddings by the numbers: think ages, averages and, of course, cost.

Newly married couple leaving the church.

Before you hire anyone – planners, coordinators, vendors, dressmakers, bakers, designers – do some research, and become familiar with the facts and figures about what goes into a wedding. That’s not to imply that you might get “taken,” know your numbers before you might get schooled. Whether you’re looking at wedding venues Brisbane or Taipei or London or Montreal, every bride and groom (or, likely, just bride) could use some help. You can approach a professional confidently if you are knowledgeable – and some of these facts are just fascinating to know (prices are averages):

  • AU$ 357 billion: Global Wedding Industry
  • AU$ 6697: Engagement ring
  • AU$ 1534: Wedding dress
  • 20 months: Engagement length
  • 2.5 to 3 years: average time couples live together before engagement
  • 30%: Of married couples say they created their own wedding website


  • 29.6: Average age of an Australian bride
  • 29: Average age of an American bride
  • 28: Average age of a bride in the U.K.
  • 29.7: Average age of an Australian groom
  • 31: Average age of an American groom
  • 30: Average age of a groom in the U.K.

Where to Wed

  • 33.5%: Couples who choose a church as their wedding venue (
  • 19.8%: Couples who choose a hotel as their wedding venue (
  • 10.5%: Couples who choose a castle as their wedding venue (
  • 4.7%: Couples who marry abroad (

The Essentials

  • AU$ 542.75: Invitations
  • 145: Average number of invited wedding guests
  • AU$ 81.00: Catering cost PER guest
  • AU$ 1450: Rehearsal dinner
  • 4 or 5: Average number of both groomsmen and bridesmaids
  • AU$ 718: Musician for ceremony
  • AU$ 3000: Wedding Photographer
  • AU$ 2080: Videographer
  • AU$ 670: Wedding cake
  • AU$ 345: Favors
  • AU$ 898: Transportation
  • AU$ 16,350: Reception venue
  • 90.5%: Brides choose wedding websites as the best resource to plan a wedding (
  • AU$ 4242: Cost of a reception band
  • 81%: Choose cake cutting as the most popular tradition
  • AU$ 38,202: Average price of a wedding (not including the honeymoon)

The Honeymoon

  • AU$ 7.3 billion: Global Honeymoon market
  • AU$ 9000: Average price of honeymoon
  • 81%: Newlyweds go on honeymoon
  • 15%: Choose a cruise for their honeymoon
  • 7.6 Days: Average length of a honeymoon

The Outrageous

  • AU$ 525,400: Starting price for a wedding with 41 to 60 guests at Little Palm Island, Key West
  • AU$ 180,000: For a wedding and reception at Chateaux Vaux-le-Vicomte, Maincy, France

The Astonishing

  • AU$ 22 million: Cost of Kim Kardashian’s and Kanye West’s ridiculous wedding
  • AU$ 2.9 million: Cost of now-divorced Christina Aguilera’s and Jordan Bratman’s 2005 wedding
  • AU$ 3.2 million: Cost of now-divorced (in 2011) Elizabeth Hurley’s and Arun Nayar’s 2007 wedding
  • AU$ 6.2 million: What Hello magazine paid for Hurley’s and Nayar’s wedding photos.
  • AU$ 4.4 million: Cost of now-divorced (split in 2006, officially divorced in 2008) Paul McCartney’s and Heather Mill’s 2002 Irish wedding.
  • 2006: Year McCartney and Mills Split
  • 2008: Year McCartney and Mills officially divorced
  • AU$ 48.9 million: What Mills was awarded in the divorce in a one-off payment and assets
  • AU$ 5.2 million: Cost of now-divorced David Gest’s and Liza Minnelli’s 2002 wedding
  • 16: Number of Minnelli’s bridesmaids
  • 16 months: How long Gest and Minnelli were together before splitting
  • AU$ 9.8 million: Cost of Wayne Rooney’s and Coleen McLoughlin’s 2008 wedding
  • AU$ 403,000: McLoughlin’s wedding dress
  • AU$ 820,000: For the boy band Westlife to play Rooney’s and McLoughlin’s wedding
  • AU$ 53.5 million: For Prince William’s and Kate Middleton’s 2011 wedding
  • And, the “best” one of all?
  • AU$ 80.7 million: For billionaire’s daughter Vanisha Mittal’s and Amit Bhatia’s wedding at Paris’ Palace of Versailles
  • AU$ 403,000: What Kylie Minogue was paid to sing for a HALF-HOUR at Mittal’s and Bhatia’s reception.
  • 1,000: The number of guests at Mittal’s and Bhatia’s wedding
  • One-week: The length of Mittal’s and Bhatia’s wedding.
  • 2013: The year Mittal filed for divorce.

Before you ask, the most expensive wedding of all time was the ill-fated 1981 nuptials of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, at £7.034 million. And we all know how that ended. If these facts and figures tell you anything (besides entertain you), know that you don’t have to spend a lot (or insane amounts) of money to have a beautiful and memorable wedding ceremony. There are so many options to brides and grooms today that it doesn’t make sense to not take advantage of the choices.

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