Wedding is the biggest issue for girls. Girls have been imagining their wedding dresses even since their school ages. Wedding dress designing is always the hottest topic in fashion world. Though wedding dress keeps the holy and pure feeling all the time, small changes are happening with the influence of new fashion trend. If you are about to be a bride, there are some current elements you should think about your wedding dress.

Color wedding dress

Color. The white wedding dress is classic and traditional. While in recent years, other colors are used. You can find pink or wheat wedding dresses among the collections of brand releases. If you can not accept the whole piece with other colors, but still want colorful elements, using colorful details is also in. Adding unique feeling to wedding dress with colorful crystal or embroidery is normally seen. Other than that, along with the flourishing of oriental culture, ink painting is also a good way to add color to dresses. The oriental elements are used more frequently in clothes designing of big brands.

Organza wedding dress

Fabrics. Organza is the most popular fabric in 2012. It creates hazy and mysterious feeling. The fabric is light and flows with your movements, which makes you look like the magic fairy in tales. Generally organza is covered on other fabrics. Designers make dimensional feeling with pleats on the facial material. It’s also Vera Wang’s favorite this year.

Flower wedding dress

Flowers. Fabric-made flowers are the most seen details for wedding dresses. The difference is, this year big flower is popular. You can see a big flower made with tulle or satin covers nearly 3/4 of the lower half of the dress, that’s the current fashion. If you show any surprise, you are out.

Lace wedding dress

Lace. Lace is a normal fabric used on wedding dresses. But different from the past, it is not only used for the details. The whole wedding dress can be wholly made with lace. This year, many big brands make this kind of wedding dresses, including Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta and Monique Lhuillier. If you are looking for a sweet feeling, lace is a good option.

Wedding dress with sleeves

Shoulders and sleeves. We are used to seeing short cut sleeveless wedding dresses in recent years. If you think long or short sleeves wedding dress just belongs to your granny, you are out again. After long time of attention on the breast and waist, designers focus on the design of shoulders and sleeves again. Fashion is changeable, but recycling is not the first time to come

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