By the time the day of your wedding arrives, you will have made many important decisions for wedding preparation, such as choosing the perfect wedding gown and planning a fabulous reception and honeymoon. With all of those details to attend to, it is easy to see how some important details may slip by. Make sure you keep some things in mind that will help you have a perfect wedding day.

Helpers For Ceremony

One overlooked detail of wedding preparation is having plenty of help. Of course you have chosen the friends and family members who will make up your wedding party, but be sure to plan for some helpers to assist with the ceremony and to keep your reception running smoothly. You are going to become incredibly busy once the ceremony begins and you won’t have time to tend to problems that may arise. You need some ushers to seat guests for the ceremony, as well as someone to tend to the guestbook. You also need someone to oversee the photographer and videographer; even if you have already told them exactly what you want, it is helpful to have someone be available if something unforeseen comes up. You should also have someone available if a guest calls needing directions to the ceremony.

Helpers For Reception Or Dinner

At the reception, you will want someone to help with any seating changes that may be necessary. You won’t have time to scramble for extra chairs for unexpected guests that must be accommodated or to rearrange seating because your mum forgot to tell you that Auntie Helen and Cousin Victoria aren’t speaking that week. Finally, you will want a helper or two to tend to food and beverages served at the reception or dinner. A caterer can handle all the details per your requests, but you want someone to be in communication with the caterer to deal with any problems. If you divide these little jobs amongst several people, each will have a small role that will still allow them to enjoy the reception, and more importantly, you will be able to focus on enjoying your special day.


It is customary for the members of the wedding party to receive gifts from the bride and groom for their help in making the wedding day special. However, don’t overlook in your wedding preparation all of the other people who will help you in making your day relaxing and enjoyable. Choose individual gifts for each person who is going to be helping, and get a couple of extras in case someone jumps in to help, or you overlooked someone. In addition, plan a special day for you and the bridal party a month or so after the wedding. You will have had time to attend to all of the thank you notes by then, and you will be ready to share all of the details of your honeymoon. A nice luncheon or a spa day is a great treat for all of the ladies who were a part of your special day.

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