As blue sea is the inspiration of fresh and pleasant beach wedding, so blue is absolutely the theme of beach wedding. Casting aside all restraints of traditional wedding, the blue sea, blue gossamer and blue cocktail, all make people fascinated. For gorgeous beach wedding dresses, you can visit

Gorgeous beach wedding dress

Late spring, summer or early fall is good time to hold beach wedding. Generally speaking, it is better to hold this form of wedding at dusk when we see the beautiful scenery of the sundowners and making the promise for a lifetime. If you are thrill-seekers and long for a romantic story under the water, you can choose July or August when the water temperature is suitable and the sea is most azure blue. If conditions allow, it is most desirable to have a day carnival in tropical or subtropical beaches where there is pleasant scenery and moist climate with smaller temperature difference between day and night.


To make all harmonious, the bride’s dressing has to be in accord with the blue sea. It is better to choose hand bouquets of fresh and natural color such as green orchid rather than traditional red rose. Long trailing wedding dress seems a little formal, so you can choose some simple and lively design whose material is thin and ventilated. It will be most decent to wear a garland carefully made by designer and then walk on the beach barefoot or with sandals. And the groom need not to wear black formal dress, a black and color linen leisure suit is enough to make him handsome and not rigid.


But this is not enough if you want a perfect beach wedding, you have to think how to layout the wedding scene. You can contact a hotel or resort by the sea to undertake, asking them to wrap the white chairs with light blue chiffon and make a chic canopy with the same material and color. You can use elegant silk to wrap the edges corners of the scene, among which white rose and little silver bells add more romantic atmosphere to the wedding. In the area for guest rest and eating, you can arrange delicate tableware, simple but elegant table cloth.

Inviting a band to entertain will add more funs to beach wedding. As the sun goes down, facing the pleasant scenery, the bride and groom sing and dance with friends and family, that is absolutely a delight and romantic wedding experience.


The perfect match with beach wedding is buffet reception which is relaxed and free enough to add endless fun. As buffet price is relatively low, you can adjust the supply structure and service mode according to your own demand to exclude some extra expense. You can also limit the banquet menu and attendance to save money.

If you are going to get married, you can choose some place like Hawaii which owns unique natural environment and beautiful blue sea. It can’t be more appropriate for newlyweds to have a romantic beach wedding. In addition, these coastal cities have already gained much experience in beach wedding and are improving gradually. So you might as well choose a nearest coastal city to create a different and unforgettable wedding.

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