In India, there is no “adults-only” wedding. A wedding is not complete without children running around the venue, whether it’s your home or the reception venue. While it can be annoying at times, we should not forget how much fun and laughter the children bring to events through their silly antics and’masti. While you are focusing on the best ways to please your adult wedding guests, it is important to take a moment to see what makes your kids have the most fun at your wedding. These are some suggestions you might consider.

The Kids Meal really Matters

Do not follow the sub-line. No one is asking for you to serve a McDonald’s Happy Meal to every child present, but it does mean that one must choose carefully the menu. Children are not hungry for large meals or heavy spreads. Children are happy to eat multiple small items. The idea is to offer more variety, but in smaller sizes. You can give them mini pizzas or burgers, instead of regular-sized. Children love cookies, tarts, and cupcakes so make sure you have plenty of options.

Children specific food stall

This is an extension of the previous point, but since children will be eating the food, why not make a special section for them? They’ll be able to eat what they want. This gesture will make them feel special.

Don’t forget the cutlery

Children are a wandering species. They don’t need to stay in one place. They will often wander around even when they are eating. It is possible to swap regular-sized plates for smaller ones, such as quarters or smaller. You can also use plastic or thermocol as the material instead of bone china and glass.

Plan fun activities

Children shouldn’t be expected to sit in one spot throughout your wedding ceremonies. Instead of children arguing with their parents about being limited to a single place, why not let them be occupied with something that interests them? Fun activities are a simple solution. Plan some fun games, activities like clay modelling, colouring books, building blocks etc. Let them have fun in a different area of your wedding venue. You should think about activities that are appropriate for their age, so they don’t get bored eating clay or tossing colour books.

Add wedding favors

It’s always a good idea for your little guests to receive appropriate favors, rather than generic ones. They might be given colors, sketches, cookie jars or chocolate hampers. The sugar rush might not be appreciated by their parents, but it will be loved by the children!

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