Your personality should be reflected in your wedding.

Parks and Recreation Ann, Leslie’s best friend, creates a unique dress by transforming photos and documents from Leslie’s career into a skirt. This makes the event look fashionable and personal.

Talk to your partner about the vision you have for the wedding.

Sex and the City When Carrie is planning her wedding to Mr. Big, she does everything to plan an unforgettable ceremony. Problem? The problem is that she doesn’t think her groom would want something more intimate. He doesn’t show up, and she is devastated. Soon she realizes that the day shouldn’t be “bigger than Big.”

Wedding planners can save your life.

The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn When it comes to Edward’s marriage, Bella doesn’t care about planning a lavish ceremony. She instead gives the task to Alice, her future sister-in-law.

You are marrying into a new family, so embrace it!

My Big Fat Greek Wedding Toula can sometimes be overbearing (ok, almost all the time!). Ian is credited for his calm handling of the meddling and even agreed to be baptized at the Greek Orthodox Church. The couple appears to have found a way to work together in the sequel.

Enjoy the small and big moments.

The Office After years of tension and romantic feelings, Pam finally got married to Jim in the sixth season. Pam suggests taking “mental photos” of the most important moments as they prepare for their wedding. Pam later regrets having ripped her veil. Jim cut his tie to help her feel better. It was so sweet!

Make time for your partner.

Shrek –Romance – Although love is wonderful, the best thing about Shrek’s and Fiona’s relationship is their close friendship. They enjoy having fun together before they ever get together. They will be closed because of the shared laughs and memories.

Reliable videographers are available.

Love. Actually: After her wedding, Juliet was disappointed to discover that she didn’t have any good footage. She noticed Peter, her husband’s best friend, filming and asked to see what he had shot. She didn’t know that Peter was secretly in love and filmed her every moment. #awkward

This is an emotionally charged time for your parents.

Father to the Bride: You can respect your parents’ wishes, but stand up for it if you feel strongly about a topic. Don’t forget to say thank you for their support! Her father is not happy when Annie announces that she has been engaged to Bryan for three months. Many bizarre antics ensue, including George being arrested at the supermarket. But he eventually accepts his son-in-law.

Meet your officiant in person.

The Princess Bride “Mawage. Mawage is wot we bwings today.” Although he might be called The Impressive Clergyman, it’s hard to understand what he means when he presides over Princess Buttercups and Prince Humperdinck’s wedding.

Allow your partner to spend some time with his friends.

Man, I Love You: Peter has always been a more “girlfriend guy,” so when it comes to choosing a best friend, he realizes that he must befriend some men. At times, his relationship with Sydney, his new friend, is strange for Zoe, his fiancee. Especially when she discovers that Peter has been discussing their sex lives, she eventually concludes that everyone needs some bro time every once in a while, especially when it comes to getting through wedding planning steam.

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