It doesn’t matter if you have never been to Mexico, you will fully understand the country through an exotic Mexico wedding. And to create a romantic Mexico wedding is very easy. In Mexico, people use enthusiasm bold and unrestrained color such as bright red, orange and white to match with turquoise green, which is a unique color of local Mexico to decorate the wedding diner. No color taboos and restriction make the wedding panchromatic intertwined charming scenery of the state of New Mexico. Owing to the dry weather, they can only use heat-and-drought-tolerant flowers like poppy as decoration. Beside, the whole wedding will naturally blend unique indigenous art of the state of New Mexico to create an authentic Natural and comfortable atmosphere.

Mexican-wedding dinner

In the choice of ornaments, some collection of special significance such as tall candlesticks, various candles and photo frame will be put on the reception desk to present a warm atmosphere of the wedding. And the desk will be decorated with fresh geranium.

Mexican_wedding decoration

Mexico paper cut which found in the house of Indians in East Midlands of Mexico by an American anthropologist in 1900 and used to be as religious folk worship now is used in the wedding. Delicate paper cut, paper flowers, shining stars and lovely lantern ball take on a full romantic and joyous. The red and bright candelabrum plugged in vertical long simple pewter can lift table view, which is a delicate balance of the whole decoration. Tablecloths, chair, porcelain, crystal cup, utensils and napkins that match with the special central decoration let the air filled with the smell of love.

Mexican paper cut for wedding decoration

Being tied with ribbon on which decorated with fresh berries of strawberry and red flowers brings a refreshed and incredibly clean feeling to the white wedding cake. The traditional three-tiered wedding cake is filled with vanilla cream and hibiscus jelly and wrapped with a white sugar, just like a classical girl wearing a new sweet dress.

Mexican wedding cake

The bouquet in bride’s hand is not complicate. The freedom combination of peony, crowfoot, tulips and poppy will make a beautiful bouquet which sets off the bride face flush and make a happy expression on her face. When you come to La Posada de Santa Fe, the hot Springs resort, you will understand why so many artists are fond of the natural environment in New Mexico. The floral designers and wedding creative teachers will help you capture the most vigorous Spanish culture of Southwestern United States and integrate the rich romantic style into the amazing wedding feast. Also, they will give the most professional advice on how to dress to be harmonious with the beautiful natural scenery.

Colorful mexican bridal bouquet

In addition, beverage of the wedding is also romantic and unique. Mixed the Mexico tequila with juice and bring up a color that deeper in the base and lighter in the end which looks like the clouds in the sky when the sun rises. You can also put some black and silver cutlery on other table to give others a different customs of the state of New Mexico.

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