Every girl wants her wedding day to be a perfect one and she strives hard to look her best on that day. Bridal jewelry forms an important part of any wedding which helps to complete the look of the bride. Gold has been the traditional metal use to craft various bridal accessories but in modern times many brides are going for silver bridal jewelry to match their wedding gowns. Silver makes trendy and fashionable wedding jewelry. The metal used to make wedding accessories is Sterling Silver as pure silver is malleable and not feasible to make jewelry. Sterling silver is 92.5 percent silver, mixed with 7.5 percent of other metals, such as zinc or copper.

Sterling Silver makes strong and durable accessories. Silver presents a more affordable option than gold. Handmade Silver Jewelry in beautiful designs and patterns can be found. The unique brilliance and luster of sterling Silver jewelry attracts many brides. Sterling Silver Wedding rings, earrings, bracelets, necklace and pendant complete the bridal jewelry accessories. Silver Pearl and diamond jewelry are the most popular types of silver bridal jewelry. You can also add a splash of color to your bridal outfit with various cultured gemstones. Silver sapphire, emerald, ruby, tanzanite and topaz jewelry presents a wonderful way to dazzle your special day.

Silver rings are available in solitaire, three stone and cluster patterns. Studs, drops, dangle, hoops and chandeliers are the popular patterns for Silver wedding earrings. Pendants are also available in designs like solitaire, heart shaped, cross and they can also be of plain metal. Silver bridal bracelet with various precious and semi precious stones is a great treat for eyes. Sterling Silver is a sparkling precious metal and your wedding jewelry, if properly cared for can last for generations. Designer and Artisan Crafted Silver Wedding jewelry is also highly sought after. When you are selecting your wedding jewelry, consider the style of your wedding as well as the design of your wedding gown as to highlight your jewelry properly. Silver wedding jewelry accessories are sure to give you the desired unique look to celebrate your special day.

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