The digital world isn’t going to replace the value of seeing wedding venues in person and talking with vendors who you trust to deliver your dream day. It’s hard to beat the simplicity of seeing your contracts and budget in black-and-white. You can also enjoy saving magazine pages and ripping them out. It’s not hard to see that engaged couples today are increasingly turning to apps and social media to help them get to the aisle.

Melissa and Alec Graham are great examples. Melissa created a Pinterest board for her first wedding after she got engaged in New York City in 2014. This helped her choose a color scheme for their April 2015 Austin wedding. Sarah Hunt is also planning similarly. She was at press time getting ready to marry Ian Espinosa, Tustin, California, in September 2015. Wunderlist is her productivity app. It helps with to-do lists, project organizers and other tasks. Hunt also created Pinterest boards for each vendor.

Hunt says, “Planning my own wedding via apps and websites was a natural extension of me.” “I work mostly on a computer so it was a major requirement for any vendor that they could be email, internet, and texting friendly.”

Sarah and Melissa, along with other couples who were interviewed, discovered that digital tools have the potential to simplify the planning process. However, they can be a hassle. We asked wedding professionals and couples to share their best tips for incorporating new technology into planning.

Get Inspiration and Ideas

The sheer number of creative ideas available on social media and the internet is one of the biggest draws for brides-to-be. A New York City-based planner, Shawn Rabideau, suggests that brides avoid getting overwhelmed by clever touches and pretty photos. Shawn recommends approaching sites such as Pin and Instagram in an orderly manner.

Ask yourself: What is it that I like about this image? This will allow you to identify your likes and dislikes to communicate your desires to caterers or invitation designers. To help you stay on the stylistic path, you will find common threads in more images. Next, categorize. You can create boards, albums, and inspiration folders to organize things such as your tabletop decorations or wedding party attire. Be selective in who you share your ideas with and invite to your boards. “Decide early if your opinion is important to you.

Take control of the details.

Many digital tools are available to assist couples in organizing their wedding planning. Give yourself time to discover and use technology to suit you, your style, and the way you communicate.

We like these tech tools:

Trello allows users to create wedding-related boards using flexible workflow templates that can easily be customized to suit your planning timeline. You can save receipts, invoices and due dates and upload documents from Dropbox, Google Drive, and other sources. * Evernote allows users to create boards related to wedding planning. It syncs with your computer’s calendar. It lets you take notes, make lists, collect digital details, and share them. The app allows you to capture, share and organize Post-it Notes. You can also search for them.

Cozi allows users to manage wedding-related appointments using a central, online calendar that can be shared with their partners.

OneNote acts as a digital wedding planner that can be searched easily and allows you to add spreadsheets, images and checklists while on the move.

* Skype, Facetime, and other video-chatting services can be valuable “peace of mind” planning tools for distant locations. Anthony notes that Facetime was extremely helpful as we couldn’t make it to Traverse City before our wedding. “I used Skype for interviewing a nearby wedding videographer as we were both too busy to meet in person,” Stefania Sainato (Bridal Guide’s senior web producer) says.

AllSeated is more than spreadsheet planning. You can use the venue’s floor plan as a template to create a chart and then import your guest lists, dragging, dropping, and reassigning tables and seats as necessary.

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