For me, there are several wedding invitation designers who really lead the way in Europe and in the US. These designers are second to none and have a creative flare that others tend to follow. They also use the finest materials so you know that you’re getting the best quality.

Traditional style with William Arthur

First of all is William Arthur’s wedding papers collection. There’s a lot of experience and heritage that goes with William Arthur wedding invitations as they’ve been around for over 60 years. There is a tendency towards more traditional designs using square and portrait rectangular styles. Many of the designs have small motifs and are finished with a thin matching ribbon, often around the belly of the invite.

William Arthur wedding invitation William Arthur wedding invitation William Arthur wedding invitation

William Arthur wedding invitations are simple, yet elegant. They are subdued and serene with little imagery, boldness or drama. The focus is on the text and what it says, more importantly on the bride and groom’s names.

Kate Spade wedding invitation

In complete contrast are Kate Spade wedding invitations. Kate’s designs have strong, bright, bold colors often with a focus on florals. There’s lots of white space to contrast with the bold print which often nudges the text on the invitation. Some of the Kate Spade designs are a little more subdued, but for me, the bold prints are her signature. They stand out head and shoulders above the other designs as they’re different, modern and fresh. It’s these qualities that make her one of my favorite invitation designers.

Deliciously sumptuous with Anna Griffin

Anna Griffin wedding invitations are also something special. As wedding invitation designers go, Anna’s designs are quite different. She creates a vintage feel to her designs by using pretty florals, wide sumptuous satin ribbons and striped backgrounds that remind me of old hat boxes and boudoirs from yesteryear. Anna’s designs are all very romantic, pretty and a little old fashioned in a modern kind of way. Quite delightful.

Anna Griffin wedding invitation Anna Griffin wedding invitation Anna Griffin wedding invitation

The wedding invitation designers mentioned above are just some of my favorites, although they’re all quite expensive. If you’re looking for something a little more bespoke, then you’ll need to find smaller designer houses and small business with up and coming designers that produce plenty of fresh ideas.

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