Wedding preparation requires considerable time and energy. Often, a bride becomes overwhelmed with all of the things she must do prior to the wedding, which can lead to her not being at her best on one of the most special days of her life. Following a few simple tips will help you to relax and enjoy your wedding day.

Get An Assistant

This does not mean hire a planner, which you may or may not have done already, it means choose a family member or a close friend who is not a member of the wedding party to help you get ready for your big day. This is a great job for someone you are close to but couldn’t put in the wedding party for whatever reason, as she will get to be an important part of your special day. She can chauffer you anywhere you need to go on the day of the wedding, and help you with everything else, including any problems that arise.

Get Some Rest

This may seem obvious, but often a bride spends so much time and energy on the details of final wedding preparation that when the wedding day arrives, she is exhausted. Do not plan any pre-wedding events, especially a hens’ party, the night before the wedding. Go to bed early enough that you will wake up relaxed and refreshed the morning of your wedding.

Take Time To Eat

Making sure you eat prior to the wedding is an important detail for wedding preparation. If your ceremony is in the evening, be aware that it will likely be hours between the time you arrive at the ceremony and the time you have an opportunity to eat at the reception or dinner. There is travel time to consider, as well as the time spent taking pictures and interacting with guests. Not eating until late in the evening will leave you drained and irritable, so make sure you eat an energising and healthy breakfast and lunch.

Allow Plenty Of Time

Running late for any occasion is stressful, and that goes triple for your wedding day preparation and ceremony. Make sure you don’t over schedule your pre-wedding activities. While a bridesmaid breakfast or luncheon is nice, don’t plan one for the day of your wedding ceremony if you do not really have time to enjoy it and still have time for everything else you need to do. Also, do not feel like you need to stay with the entire bridal party when getting your hair and make-up done. Make sure you arrive separately, or have your planner take you, so that you can leave once you’re ready to should the stylist encounter delays.

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