Wedding plays an essential part in people’s whole life, especially for females. They are all looking forward to a festive wedding. It is vital for brides to choose a charming wedding dress. This can add to a perfect wedding and give them a good memory. At present, American TV series is becoming more and more popular among people, especially the youth aged between15 and 25. They are fond of appreciating the beautiful dresses in the movie, including the fantastic bridal gowns. Now let’s get some cues on the choice of wedding dresses from the us Tv series.

Sex and the city wedding dress

Sex and the city is a very famous and popular program. When the character Carrie Bradshaw got married with Mr Big, there are many fans taking the view that the wedding dresses for Carrie is definitely beautiful. Vivienne Westwood designed this wedding dress. This dress has 3 parts; they are respectively corset top, lined skirt and large pannier. The most attracting points are the irregular design on the bottom of the dress. At the same time, the silk fabric can let females’ skin looks smoother.  This dress is appropriate for every female. Hence, it is the top choice for brides.

Gossip Girl wedding dress

Gossip Girl is also a welcome TV series, particularly for youth whose age is between 15 and 25. The sleeveless wedding dress is fit for Lily. This wedding dress is appropriate for the good proportion of stature females. The sleeveless model can show your temperament of mature and elegant. Without exaggerated hem, it can represent the girls’ quiet personality. However, the simpler the wedding dress is, the more stricter for female’s figure. This design may let people concentrate on the upper body, especially the shoulder. Therefore, it requires that the brides’ figure should be moderate, not too thin or too fat.

Grey’s Anatomy wedding dress

<Grey’s Anatomy> is a fashionable TV program, as well. At the end of the five series, when Meredith got married with Derek, the wedding dress Meredith wore is very fascinating. This captivating wedding dress is more appropriate for girls who are tall and slim. The lightweight materials make the bride seem charming.  Additionally, it can make female looks younger than their real age. Particularly the design in waistline, this design can fit your figure better.

Ugly Betty wedding dresss

We cannot ignore the <ugly Betty>, this famous TV sets. When Wilhemina got married, audiences were all surprised. However, people cannot deny that the wedding dress she wore is very charming. It is appropriate for the slim females to wear this beautiful wedding dress. People can look sexier by the draped neckline and lace. Furthermore, the white gloves increase the elegance. Meanwhile, the floor-length dresses can fit your figure best. From above, we can clearly find that American TV programs have many aspects, which we can learn. It provides many brilliant ideas to choose wedding dresses for brides. Besides, it can teach us how to select a wedding dress which fit us best. Thus, we should pay attention to daily TV series as we can learn a lot from it.

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