Two decisions involved in wedding preparation are choosing the venues for the ceremony and the reception. Where you hold your ceremony and reception are important to the success and enjoyment of your wedding day. You should consider the size of your wedding, any theme you may be planning, and also your own personal style and desires before choosing your ceremony and reception venues.

Traditional Ceremony

If you have imagined every detail of your wedding since you were a little girl, including what your gown will look like, and the scent of the flowers that will surround you as you slowly walk up the aisle, then you probably envisioned a traditional ceremony held in a church or cathedral. Church or cathedral wedding ceremonies are classically beautiful, and will accommodate a large number of guests. You will likely have access to a piano or an organ and of course a long walkway to the altar. You can also decorate the pews with the floral arrangements of your choice to individualise the ceremony to your preferences.

Non-traditional Ceremony

If the traditional route is not for you, there are many options of venues for a non-traditional ceremony. You could choose a place that has special meaning for you and your groom, such as the lovely park where you first met, or the little café where he proposed to you. You might also choose a local landmark that you like to visit together, or the antique shop where you spend hours together browsing through the wares. Any place that is special to you would make a good venue for the ceremony. One factor you should consider is that some places may be limited in the number of guests they can accommodate. However, you could always have a small ceremony, or even a private one for just the two of you, and hold a large reception where all of your family and friends can come and celebrate your special day with you.


Your choices of venues for your reception are limitless, and are an important part of your wedding preparation. You can find the perfect place to hold your reception that will fit both your tastes and your budget. For a more traditional reception, plan to gather your friends and loved ones at a hotel, restaurant, or wine bar.  Alternatively, if you are interested in having a themed reception, such as one celebrating a particular historical era, you might plan your reception at an art gallery or club that fits your style. For a glamorous and unforgettable reception, consider one of the many castles that will host your party. The perfect venue for your reception can be as individual as your choice in gowns, and just think of the fun you and your groom will have visiting all the places you consider.

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